On The Path to Great Sex: “Gathering your Tracks Back”

In the bedroom, in intimate moments, do you find your mind wandering to your kids or to the undone things on your to-do list. Are you in your head with your circling thoughts more than you are in your intimate experience?

You can now change your thinking habit and enhance your sexual experience. This powerful, yet uncomplicated audio exercise will guide you in how to put that lovely multi-tasking strength on pause so you can immediately have more fun and more pleasure in the bedroom.

Susan has listened deeply to hundreds of women’s stories about what gets in the way of having great sex. This exercise “On the Path To Great Sex: Gathering Your Tracks”, back is her response. Drawing from her years of experience in sexual medicine as a nurse practitioner, along with her expertise as a certified practitioner of both Sente Bodywork and Therapeutic Touch, Susan has created this fun and uncomplicated exercise for increasing women’s sexual pleasure. This exercise is powerful. It is crafted to align your physical body with your energy and your mental processes so that all of you shows up in the bedroom at the same time. It begins to work immediately. Practice this exercise a few times alone, sitting in a chair, and then recall it when you’re between the sheets.

Enjoy. Enjoy. Enjoy.

You can download it now, or order a CD to be mailed to you.

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