Welcome to Fanning the Female Flame

The content on this site is designed and curated to increase your female pleasure, both sexual and relationship pleasure. There are multiple actionable suggestions here that can bring you closer to your mate and can increase the intimacy and power of your connection. That connection is a treasure of a most special kind.

Woven throughout this site you will find intelligent answers for the physical, medical, and hormonal obstacles that stand in your way of having satisfying arousal and orgasm; You will learn how to counterbalance your busy mind and get your attention in your physical sensations. You will identify what specific changes are good to make if you have PCOS, are in menopause, or are using a hormonal contraceptive. You will read about the role hormones can play in your experience. You will learn how vaginal dryness and sexual pain are safely treated. You will define what erotic is for you, and why you want to find what personally turns you on. You will also find some actions to take that are more energetic in nature than physical.

I invite you to join my community of thousands of women who have developed compelling relationships. Relationships that are powerful and deeply satisfying; that have the qualities that satisfy a hunger the women didn’t even know they had. These women have sexual relationships with their mates that are now more than they were before….more exciting, more expansive and unusually pleasing. You can too – It’s within your reach.

Susan Kay Preslar FNP-c