These uplifting and informative educational sessions have the reputation of inspiring and relaxing women. They are confidence boosters. Women who were hesitant to come forward because sex is such a private aspect of their lives report afterwards that they are glad they took this chance.

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It’s never too late to have a great sex life!

What participants have said about classes

“Susan is a delight. Her classes gave me the courage to ask for what I want in the bedroom. I’m now able to move myself from the stresses of daily life into a space of true curiosity and openness for both myself, and my partner.” -CW, 25 yo

  “I wish I would have taken this 40 years ago” -MS, 57 yo

“I now have a handle on what I think is going on with my anxiety about all this…you have a beautiful way of teaching, a lovely style. -RR, 28 yo

“I am glad I came. I enjoyed this on many levels.” -SD, 62 yo

“Your presentation was a huge success. You left everyone wanting more. As expected, IN THE BEDROOM knocked everyone’s sox off.” -MW, 59 yo