Fanning the Female Flame ClassesLong to try new things in the bedroom but don’t know where to start?

Want to be inspired?

Confused about why orgasm sometimes (or always) takes forever?

Wondering why you aren’t interested anymore?

Curious if your hormones are the problem?

What you will discover in the classes: 

  • Reasons women do not orgasm and what you can do to change that
  • Common medications that interrupt desire and arousal, and those that can help
  • Anatomy of female genitalia and how “it” all happens
  • Discovering what you LIKE in the bedroom and how to ask for it
  • What do your hormone levels have to do with your level of desire…and much more

These uplifting and informative educational sessions have the reputation of inspiring and relaxing women. They are confidence boosters. Women who were hesitant to come forward because sex is such a private aspect of their lives report afterwards that they are glad they took this chance.

It’s never too late to have a great sex life!

Upcoming Classes

Series of Three Tuesday Classes

Complete Integrative Care

3132 State St, Suite 110, Medford, OR 97504

5:30 to 7:30pm

Class 1: October 9, 2018-The basics about your female body, your desire for sex, and how to have the great sex you want to have. The things you wished you knew years ago about pleasure and your anatomy.

October 9 Class Already Completed

Class 2: October 23, 2018-Get around your roadblocks, e.g. not enough arousal to have an orgasm, a mind that won’t let go of your day, too tired to care, menopause symptoms and other hormone hurdles.

Class 3: November 13, 2018-Optimize your self and your relationship to keep sex and your relationship dynamic over time, includes from having young children in the house to post-menopausal tips.

Classes are in a series that is progressive, though each class can be taken by itself.

The group visits can be billed to all major insurances! 

Call: (541) 773-9772


“Susan is a delight. Her classes gave me the courage to ask for what I want in the bedroom. I’m now able to move myself from the stresses of daily life into a space of true curiosity and openness for both myself, and my partner.” -CW, 25 yo

  “I wish I would have taken this 40 years ago” -MS, 57 yo

“I now have a handle on what I think is going on with my anxiety about all this…you have a beautiful way of teaching, a lovely style. -RR, 28 yo

“I am glad I came. I enjoyed this on many levels.” -SD, 62 yo