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Erotic Sex Is Desired By Women

A delightful woman, perhaps 36 years old, came to one of my bedroom classes about four years ago. At the beginning of the first class, when the participants went around the room to introduce themselves, she said she was in this class because she wanted to have sex somewhere in-between the sex she was having […]

Going beyond chocolate and flowers

Valentine’s Day is a holiday that celebrates romantic love. It is a day for lovers. So this Valentine’s give yourself a treat and start early to remind yourself that you are a sensual creature. One of the most powerful things you can do to do this is to bring your attention home to yourself and to […]

Going in the Direction of YES For Sex

Michelle was a 43-year-old woman in my last bedroom class series before Covid began.  She stood out as she was open with her thinking and she shared her inner experience more than the other women in the class.  She also got my attention as her obstacle to having a good time in the bedroom was her thoughts, […]

A Woman’s Sexual Self

When I work with a woman to find her libido, I take it for granted that she has a ‘sexual self’. By sexual self I mean the part of her that desires to feel sensual erotic touch. She has a part that wants to be taken to an exciting edge and takes pleasure in falling off […]

Your Thoughts and the Bedroom Experiences that Rock Your World

If you’re a capable woman accustomed to getting things done it can be frustrating when things work differently in the bedroom. Many women with high levels of responsibility struggle to shut down their internal dialogue. They don’t become absorbed in the sex that they are having because their attention is busy elsewhere. It’s wonderful to be […]

Over-the-Counter Aphrodisiacs with Possibility

Many of the women I see in my office want a “natural” treatment for their sex life. They don’t want a prescribed medication if they can get their libido back in some other way. Many experiment with trying over-the-counter herbs fully aware that there may be more hype about love potions than actual fact, and […]