A Body Designed for Sexual Pleasure and Female Orgasm

Female Orgasm

There is quite a lot to celebrate about the female body and how it responds to and is geared for pleasure and female orgasm. It is quite marvelous. When arousal is triggered, cascades of events occur. Neurotransmitters release from a woman’s brain and she gets a nice tingly feeling in her genital tissue. Her nipples become firm, and the clitoris gets erect. Her vulva swells and the labia change from flesh or pink color to a dusky rose or purple. She feels sexually excited. The vaginal walls get suddenly wet. Her clitoris and the surrounding vascular tissue engorges with blood. Some muscles contract and her heart rate increases. Breathing is fast. There is a sense of tension.

On the outside of the vulva, women and their partners can see the glans of the clitoris, that external bump of tissue. This glans has the most nerve endings of any place on her body. This is similar to the head of a man’s penis which is thought to be the most sensitive part of the penis with the highest concentration of nerve endings. Both these glans are very sensitive to touch and they can be extremely so. Yet they are not the whole story of arousal and orgasm. Obvious on the male, yet hidden on the female are the shaft and the two internal legs. The legs of the clitoris are 5 to 7 centimeters in length. The shaft and the legs are what cause both the penis and the clitoris to swell when arousal happens. They become erect. Internal swelling in a female can be felt through the upper vaginal wall in the area we know as the G spot. When swelling is significant enough with stimulation there — orgasms occur.

There is also an area of the vaginal wall that is deeper inside, referred to as the A spot or the Deep spot. This spot, on the upper vaginal wall in front of the cervix, can feel wonderfully arousing. This deep spot is mediated by a different nerve and women report that it feels different than both an external clitoral or G-spot orgasm. Women report they like it being touched directly, with thrusting motion, and they also like it when touch moves across the surface of that area, like skimming the surface of a lake.

The only function of the clitoris and its 8,000 nerve endings is for a woman to experience pleasure, sexual pleasure. The clitoris does not secrete substances or hormones, it does not contribute directly to reproduction or urination, it does not support other processes in her body. It exists for your pleasure.

On top of this awesome genitalia there are the many other erogenous zones in your female body. Your lips, your breasts, your nipples and the skin at the nape of your neck or inner thigh are territories of sensual delight to be explored. Skin can be wonderfully erotic and is packed with nerve endings. Light feathery touch can be scintillating, exploration can be done with your lips, tongue, fingers. There are 2,500 nerve endings per square centimeter in your fingertips, for example, and a lot can be communicated with touch, especially touch that is intended to excite and arouse.

Look at the marvelous features of your  female body, and you can appreciate that the physical groundwork for exquisite pleasure has been pre­-established. Having this sensitive equipment does not mean women get easily aroused. Many don’t. One has to have arousal triggered for this cascade of events to  occur. What triggers arousal and leads to female orgasm is the million dollar question.  Arousal can start long before you get in the bedroom, or it can start in the bedroom. It can start with a look, a touch, a smell. If a woman’s arousal is heightened and sustained on enough of her multiple channels, she will have a great experience.  The equipment for her pleasure is there, and one needs to know how to use it to.

PS: What works to get you aroused is not something you choose — it is something you discover.

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  1. Jade Lotus
    Jade Lotus says:

    How can it be done?
    You can avoid sex or learn to have an orgasm without ejaculating.

    It takes a lot of control of muscles, so get in the habit of doing Kegel exercises( ability to hold urine) and flexing your pelvic muscles just before the ejection is key.

    • Locate your pelvic floor muscles. Tighten muscles, which keep you from passing gas.
    • You can do kegel exercises while sitting, lying down, standing, or even walking.
    • Settle your pelvic floor muscles. Hold for 3 seconds, and then relax for 3 seconds.
    • Relax the muscles in your thighs, buttocks, and abdomen. Breathe with ease.
    • During vaginal, oral, or anal sex, you’ll need to maintain control over your muscles.

  2. Jade Lotus
    Jade Lotus says:

    How to Recover from Sexual Trauma?

    • Open up to someone whom you trust. Or join a support group from where you get valuable information on how to cope with symptoms.
    • Prepare yourself to anticipate common triggers, and you will understand better of your situation.
    • Whenever you feel tensed, shortness of breath, just calm down and soothe your sexual panic with this simple breathing exercise.
    • Sit comfortably with your back straight. Take a deep breath for a minute and then slowly exhale. Repeat the cycle until you become relaxed and focused.
    • Be in touch with your body and mind. You will feel more confident and safe.
    • Don’t hesitate to make new friends, reconnect with old friends, and participate in social gatherings.

  3. Jade Lotus
    Jade Lotus says:

    What is Full Body Orgasms?
    When someone reaches a significant level of sexual arousal, orgasms help him/her please the body’s flow. If there is a blockage in the flow, you cannot take the sexual pleasure with full comfort. In Chinese philosophy, Chi is the internal energy that is invisible. Tap on the link for more information.

  4. Diana
    Diana says:

    Unfortunately, there are so many women who can’t orgasm. More should read your post and take notes!

    I think that many of them may be able to achieve that experience, that full body orgasm if they try more.. by not trying at all. The more you stress about it, the less you’ll be albe to achieve it.
    My advice is: try a vibrator and relax. Don’t think about orgasm, just about the experience. That way, you’ll be able to experience have that wonderful experience.

    • Susan Kay Preslar
      Susan Kay Preslar says:

      I so agree.The idea of that keeps me inspired and speaking. Our bodies are designed for wonder filled states of being and yet so often we haven’t been told about those states or how to get there. Or that it is so worth investigating. That it adds deeply to relationship enjoyment and bonding. That is changing though.


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