New Treatment for Menopause and Vaginal Dryness


On July 24, 2017 the Vaginal DHEA suppository we have been hearing about for five years became commercially available. Called Prasterone, with the brand name Intraosa, it is available by prescription. It is for the treatment of sexual pain during intercourse due to menopausal changes. Prasterone (DHEA) is converted locally in the vagina into androgens and estrogens which are the hormones that restore the vaginal tissue.

According to AMAG Pharmaceuticals, there is Copay Savings Program, which lets most insured patients receive their first prescription for a $0 copay and will then pay no more than a $25 copay for each refill for the duration of the program.

The unique research news was that the hormonal effects happened locally in the vagina and did not appear to raise blood levels of estrogen or testosterone throughout the body. Even though hormone levels did not increase, this treatment is not currently approved for women who have had breast cancer, or women who have unexplained postmenopausal bleeding. You can get the prescription from your provider. The vaginal suppository is inserted daily.

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  1. Neelima Deshpande
    Neelima Deshpande says:

    Thank you for talking about vaginal DHEA for vaginal dryness and atrophy at menopause. This is such an important development. I am so glad that you have discussed this and its impact on improving the sexual lives of women at this most important time in their lives. best wishes

    • Susan Kay Preslar
      Susan Kay Preslar says:

      oh yes, it is a great product with many advantages. The Prasterone has gotten more expensive in last month or so, so we have that obstacle now to deal with.


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